Good Vibes Tribe

Sacred activism for animals in need


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Next event: Tuesday 26 April (quarterly events)

Charity: Mdzananda Animal Clinic & Dassenberg Rescue

Time: 7pm to 8:15pm SAST

Online: Zoom meet

Fee: It's FREE! This is about giving your love and free will. Donations are always welcomed by the charities we work with. Please visit their websites: &


In these events we help rescues to find forever homes. We communicate with them, send healing energy and do some dream-weaving with sacred activism. Some have found their forever families within 2 days of the event. Outcomes aren't always that speedy but magic always happens. At the start of each class I'll speak a little about the different aspects of sacred activism and then I'll guide you practical application with some beautiful animals. We'll talk about patience, surrender, empathy, faith and more during the classes.


In sacred activism we explore how to lead with our energy and help others through our focussed thoughts, emotions, intentions and good vibrations. In animal communication we focus on clarifying and building our intuitive centre of calm, trust and connection to honour animals as individuals and help them shine. This tribe is about realizing the incredible power within you and helping animals. You do make a difference to the world, one thought and one inspired action at a time.


Maybe you don't have time to volunteer or cash to donate but you can give of your free will and belief, your intentional energy and love. While practicing animal communication at the same time! Physical actions and metaphysical actions are equally valuable and when you bring them together, well, you become a fire that’s unstoppable.


These events are done together with Marcelle Du Plessis from Mdzananda Animal Welfare.


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"Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed people can change the world. Indeed, it is the only thing that ever has." - Margaret Mead.

A Story of Change:

A small group of us spoke with a gorgeous rescue called Cuba at Mzananda, sending him blessings to find the perfect home. He’d been looking to be adopted for 8 months. Within 2 days of the class a young man and his gogo (grandmother) walked in and chose Cuba and a friend.

Cuba now not only has has a caring family, a home, and a canine companion but also a whole crèche of children to love and play with as well. During the communication we all learnt heartfelt lessons about patience and gratitude. These words really stood out for me "good things come to those who wait".

Cuba's story also included a great lesson in taking inspired actions. One of the participants felt she must get him a new colourful collar to match his personality. Synchronicity stepped in and his gifts where on their way to him within 24hours. She didn't know where he was going to go but she believed in good things happening for him. The tag reads “love me and keep calm”. What a powerful message for a dog who then got adopted to be part of a family with a whole township creche of children for him to care for.

As I write this, I meditate on another beautiful layer to his story. When Cuba arrived at the shelter he was very shut down and with the devoted care of the staff and volunteers at Mzananda and the Woof Project he started to shine. Nobody gave up on him. Now he gets to be that for other souls in return.

(Cuba is our poster boy above)

Spontaneous Acts of Kindness - Share Some Good Vibes with Animals

Step 1: visit the adoption pages of any shelter

Step 2: spend a minute or more gazing on animal while connecting with the devine love that overcomes all and send that their way. Tell them you believe in them and that they are awesome. Be strong for them and make a wish for their future to be blessed.

Step 3: feel their soulful gratitude and love in return

Practice: try it out with a friend and see how you both feel afterwards.

Five minutes of positivity, healing light and heartfelt good wishes does make a difference! One thought, one choice, one animal at a time.