Practice Classes: Beginners & All Levels

Tuesdays: 9, 16 & 23 November

7:00 - 8:15pm SAST


light up with animal magic

Joining live is best if you can make it. (Recordings are available)


Online: Zoom meets

Seats: 20 people

Enrolment: closes 9 November

Pre-requisite: A Basics, Introduction or Foundations Course with Kate Muller. All AnimalTalk Africa students are welcome too.


The animals themselves are always our wonderful, unique and inspiring teachers. It's in every conversation that we learn what's truly possible with intuitive communication and deepen in trusting the process. By speaking with animals we don't know we stregthen our ability to tune into only the energetic exchange rather than following our own old familiar patterns. Beginners classes work with animals who love to teach. They shine in opportunity to be heard and witnessed. And they always have soulful lessons to share with students of all levels.


Practice classes include:

  • a guided communication with a new animal each week of a different species
  • conversation starters and intuition building exercises
  • meditations to empower your practice
  • communication feedback with the animal's person for affirmation and clarity


I guide you with the animals to listen unconditionally, see through their eyes and sense their feelings. We ask questions that inspire meaningful conversations, exploring who they are, where they are, how they see the world and their messages for us all. In doing this we give them an opportunity to be heard and acknowledged in a beautiful way!


Practice classes are an empowering place with a unified intention to support flow and growth. During the group feedback we explore the details of what you perceived, finding the connections of what you did get rather than what you didn't get. This is a very important personal practice to build trust, courage and confidence.


Talking with new animals each week often helps us understand our own animals a little more as we learn with and from others. Its a rich and uplifting space of healing for all.

During the class feedback you can share as and when you feel comfortable to. We end with a short Q&A and closing circle.



Joining Live is best! Why? All relationships & skills flourish with commitment and practice.


Access to the recordings is for 1 month from the start date of the course as we are working in real time with current conversations between the animals and their people.

Recordings are uploaded to your course dashboard within 24hrs of the live class should you not be able to join on a day.


Grow in trust by surrendering to soul space

This course is closed for enrollment.