Practice Circle: The Gifts in SoulTalk

Learn with teacher animals - light up and get curious

LIVE CLASSES - New Dates - Saturdays 7, 14 & 21 May

14:00 to 15:15 SAST

Place: Zoom Meet (recordings available)

Seats: 20 people

Pre-requisite: a Foundations Workshop or the Online Introduction Course with Kate Muller. AnimalTalk Africa students are welcome.

Supportive online courses: SoulTalk with Animals


The animals themselves are always our wonderful, unique and inspiring teachers. In every conversation with them, we learn what's truly possible with intuitive communication as we strengthen our trust through direct experience. This connection circle is designed for learning from the animals directly with live guidance in a focussed space. It is a kind and caring community of connection as we witness and support each other in being magic.


What is SoulTalk?

This is a 3 part class series where we explore the dynamic and beautiful space of relationship between animals and their people. This course is an adventure in consciousness, discovering what’s really being said between the lines of our physical relating and in those quiet moments of communion. It’s about how we do life together and grow as soulful companions.


In this series we cover:

·        personality, roles and purpose

·        shared energy fields and the gifts in mirroring

·        soulful messages, guidance and guardianship



About Grow Circles

Each class starts with a 10-minute talk on the theme for the session and then I guide you into the communication with our teacher animal. This is followed by live feedback with their person for affirmation and clarity. We work with animals who have experienced telepathic communication, and who are eager to talk and teach. They always have their own soulful lessons to share with students of all levels. Connection Circles also give animals a chance to be heard and be seen in a wonderful ways.


·        a guided communication with a new animal each week

·        meeting different species — cats, dogs and horses

·        conversation starters and intuition-building exercises

·        live feedback with the teacher animal's person for affirmation and clarity

·        meditations for connection and clarity.


I guide you with the animals to listen unconditionally, see through their eyes and sense their feelings. We ask questions that inspire meaningful conversations — exploring who they are, where they are, how they see the world, and their messages for us.


Circles are an empowering place with a unified intention for clarity, insight, healing, flow and growth for everyone. During the group feedback, we explore the details of what you experienced; more specifically, we find the connections of what you did get moving your mind beyond self-doubt. This is a very important personal practice to build trust, courage and confidence.


Talking with new animals each week often helps us understand our own animals a little more. It’s a rich and uplifting space of healing for all. During the class feedback, you are welcome to share as and when you feel comfortable to. We end with a short Q&A session and a closing circle.


For more detailed teaching, stories and personal processes to connect with your own animals, please see the SoulTalk with Animals Course.



Joining live is best! We are working in real time and experiencing current and personal conversations between the animals and their people. All relationships and skills flourish with commitment, practice and presence. But, life happens, and that’s why the recordings are uploaded to the course dashboard within 24hours of the live class. They are available for 8 weeks from the start of the course (after that period, the recordings expire). This gives you 1 month after the last class to catch up, if needed.


Grow in trust by surrendering to soul