Soul Talk with Animals

Homestudy Course


Fee: R450 for South Africans/$45 for Internationals


SoulTalk is about the deeper conversations that touch our lives when we live with animals. It’s about giving animals a voice as whole beings, with their own opinions, personal expression and great wisdom.


In this course, we explore the felt spaces between us - the dynamic space of relationship and shared energy fields. This course is an adventure in consciousness, discovering what’s really being said between the lines of our physical relating and in those quiet moments of communion. It’s about how we do life together and grow as soulful companions.


We cover:

·        personality, roles and purpose

·        shared energy fields and the gifts in mirroring

·        soulful messages, guidance and guardianship


Classes include:

·        teachings and stories on each topic

·        personal practices to grow your communication skills with at home


Paying attention to SoulTalk can change behaviour, health and home dynamics in very practical and sometimes profound ways, as the animals feel truly heard, seen and respected.


Please see the upcoming Live Practice Classes in SoulTalk to continue your learning with teacher animals.

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