An exchange of love - practice, learn & grow


Duration: 7 modules, join at any time and study at your own pace. The series is active until 31 November 2022, after this you retain life-time access to teaching content but not the teacher animals.

Pre-requisite: A Foundations Workshop or the Online Introduction to Animal Communication Home Study Course with Kate Muller. AnimalTalk Africa students are welcome.


In this series you have the opportunity to meet animals who you don't know and to invite them teach you. Learning through direct experience is a very empowering practice. It is a foundational principle of animal communication to listen and respect animal's as equal honouring what they have to share with us.

This series is also about slowing down and simply being with animals unconditionally. It’s about exploring the world through their eyes and getting to know them as truly sentient beings with thoughts, emotion, personality and soulful wisdom. In doing this you grow your own natural intuition with all animals and you give them the incredible gift of being truly heard and seen.

The simple act of practicing will change you and strengthen your natural intuition. The invitation is to take what you learn and apply it in your relating with all animals in your life now. The series includes guided activities to do this.

Get curious and light up with love in action

In this home study course you will:

  1. Meet 6 teacher animals who have experienced distance intuitive communication and who are eager to teach. Learn with cats, dogs and horses.
  2. Be guided with resources, including 2 meditations and a list of 12 conversations starters.
  3. Receive insight and affirmation in video recordings with each animal's person answering the conversation starters.
  4. Have the opportunity to interact by email with the animal's person if you have any messages for them or need insight into a communication received not covered in the feedback video.
  5. Integrate what you've learnt with your animals at home in guided activities


Give yourself 1 to 1.5 hours per animal and honour what works for you. I recommend:

  • 10 minutes of meditation or mindfulness to centre yourself
  • 20 to 40 minutes communication (or 15 minutes per day over 2 or 3 days)
  • 20 minutes for watching the feedback video
  • 15 minutes for personal reflection and emailing as needed


Work online or download all the resources, animal photos and audios of the feedback videos to work offline. 


  • Open to your natural intuition with animals
  • Gift them an opportunity to teach and be truly heard
  • Enjoy animal's company in a whole new way
  • Learn through direct experience
  • Grow your conversation skills
  • Strengthen your relationships with the animals in your life now

The Teacher Animal Series is created as an empowering place for both animals and humans. We work together in animal communication always with a unified intention for clarity, healing, wisdom, inspiration and growth for all beings.


I have done an introduction course with another teacher - can I do these classes?

Contact me and let’s chat.

I am a bit nervous - can I really do this?

You never know until you try! The animal's always teach us and I am only an email away if you get stuck and want to book a 30 minute mentoring call.

How can this series help me in my communicating with my own animal's at home?

By practicing in a focussed space with animals you don't know you have the opportunity to go outside of your normal experiences into something new. In this process you strengthen your intuitive muscles and build new neural networks of what’s possible in experiences. This will naturally start influencing your relationships with your own animals and inspire change in the relating. You can also ask the teacher animals "how can I grow in my relationships at home" and receive their guidance.

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