Death, Dying & Transformation

Homestudy Course

Fee: R450 for South Africans / $45 for Internationals


Talking about death and dying is important and incredibly freeing when we share our lives with animals. I have always found peace in helping animals and their families to navigate this time of transition by listening to the animals themselves. What are they experiencing and feeling? What soulful wisdom do they wish to share with us? These classes include guided practices and meditations gathered from speaking with animals near death and with those in spirit.

CLASS 1: Animals in Spirit

Where do our animals go, what do they experience, do they have messages to share? Do they still hear me and are they okay? What are signs from spirit and how will I know if these are real? In this class we look at how you can find the answers to these questions for yourself. We explore beliefs about death and the nature of eternal love. You will have the opportunity for a guided healing meditation with an animal in spirit.

CLASS 2: Re-Sourcing Grief 

How can you help yourself and the other animals in your home when a loved animal dies? This class includes guided practices for transforming grief into peace and power through reconnecting in a healthy relationship with the world of spirit. These practices invite trust and affirmation in our communications with animals on the other side. They also help us open to clearer communications with the animals currently in our lives. 

CLASS 3: Supporting Animals in a Good Death 

What is a good death and how do we support our animals and ourselves during this time with integrity and grace? This last class covers the conversations that heal and help everyone to find clarity and emotional strength when the time of transition is near.

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